[BEAT/LOOP] *** SNK∆ - Looperies#2 *** [MUSIC]



Some uncommon beats from Parisian beatmaker SNK∆. Always looking for new sounds through scabrous and lame beats coated of classic and unknown samples. Grab ” Looperies#2 ” and discover SNK∆.

Thicke - Blurred Lines Grillo Remix

I did some excellent work on this, trust me.


Monday’s Curator 115

Chris Bakay (b.1977, USA)

Artist Chris Bakay uses four elements to create his abstract works; pigment, paint, water and flowers. The three conventional elements assist in the transubstantiation of the single unconventional thereby contesting the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience. By applying abstraction, he depicts intense personal moments created by means of his own fastidious process, luring the viewer to observe the scenery of specific recollections. Taking these past events of daily life as subject matter, Bakay makes unexampled work that deals with the documentation of anamnesis and the question of how it can best be preserved. The process of creation shares similarities with photography; studio conditions are allowed to affect the finished work. The use of flowers root Bakay’s philosophy firmly in the affirmation of the positive. Great thanks to arpeggia for being Artchipel Monday’s Curator!

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New compilation by our mates at OUTLIER REC is totally awesome! Over twenty artists participated on this one with the likes of Matt Miller and KILTER, ODDLOGIC, Brock Berrigan, Fancy Mike, Bardo_t, Lee Spacey, Strangr, Choongum, Mute Speaker, Kwala and many more that we love so much at…

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