2010 movie log #73 - The Social Network (2010, David Fincher)

I honestly expected this to be a lot more boring, given the subject, so i think both Fincher and Sorkin and everybody else really deserve some kind of recognition for making a movie out of pretty much nothing.

Because that’s what it is, i know, true story, bunch of dudes make a website, happened just a couple of years ago, but still, like, the thinnest of ice to walk on, you know?

So, in order to make it compelling what do you do? You overdramatize the shit out of everything, and the results are, well, sometimes hard to believe, sometimes just straight laughable.

To quote the always on point Rod at abridged script - This is the story meant to “define a generation”?  It’s just a movie about some little pisshole getting sued by his little pisshole friends.

And that’s pretty much it. But, you know, brilliant. The lengths they go to paint Zuckerberg as the mean dude and those other douchebags as good guys are just silly.

Like that one scene with the twins all riled up because somebody stole their idea, but they won’t sue in court because they’re gentlemen of harvard? Except they do just that half an hour later, after failing at their stupid sport and getting bitchslapped by prince Albert? Way to paint those raging privileged wasp douches as righteous knights, you really deserve an oscar for this Sorkin.

But i don’t buy it, and i don’t care. Everything in The Social Network reminds me of the sad Don Draper meme.