LYNX ANARCHY: The World’s First Invisible Ad (by LynxEffectAustralia)

this is pretty cool… suck it draper!

Converse - Join The Procession - The Commercial (via converse)

Converse, the brand, has been a youth culture icon through at least three generations now, managing to stay relevant amidst the fast changing pop milieu of our times in a way nothing else could, which is no small feat.

But still, personally, i was starting to feel that hipsters had found a way to corrupt even this beautiful thing, and just as their faux, no prescription big ass glasses don’t help for shit if you’re nearsighted, in the same way their chucks are there just for show.

The sports, outdoor, athletic heritage has been watered down too much to actually mean anything anymore, and to make something as utilitarian and simple as converse a fashion statement is cleary doing it wrong on so many levels.

But it seems like somebody at nike go the memo, and so i welcome this ad like a renaissance: it’s like some don drapery ad executive said fuck it, let’s put the most ridiculous amount of obscure figures in a minute of film, ever, so that some kids out there will smile and cheer for the big dr j reveal and the endless parade of long lost legendary badasses one after the other, writing youtube comments like “EPIC AS FUCK” while replaying this all day long.

But if you seriously don’t recognize anybody in this, girl, please, throw your all stars away, because you clearly don’t deserve them, and they look ugly on your fat ankles anyway.

That new Citroen tv ad with John Lennon

Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth, know what i mean? I don’t really feel offended by the marylin one or the mastroianni one, although it’s probably the same, but come on citroen, why bring out john lennon, of all people?

It doesnt really make sense, and well i feel like and old geezer saying this, or maybe this will be my own ‘white whine’ but isn’t there anything sacred anymore?

Darth Vader pitches a movie idea