2010 movie log #80 - Black Swan (2010, Darren Aronofsky)

Unnerving, disturbing, harrowing. But deeply satisfying. One of the strongest, boldest movies i’ve seen in a long time.

Pulls you in and punches hard. I felt like shit watching it, unable to take a deep breath, had fucking nightmares full of sharp blades at night.

And again Aronofsky pushes the boundaries, pushes like there’s no tomorrow, and this, like most of his movies feels at once vaguely like a lot of older stuff (polanski, dario argento) and yet completely unlike everything else.

Cast and crew turn in some solid work, Clint Mansell is fucking on point as usual, Matthew Libatique works his ass off on some impressive shots and Portman owns her role and is completely believable, even though i suspect she’s quite a bit like Nina in real life too.

But of course, the movie is not perfect, i see that, maybe i don’t agree, but i understand. I know critics have been digging in, and there’s certainly ample room for that, but look, how can i explain, it’s literally the point the whole thing it’s trying to make, and you just missed it.


But You’re Like Really Insane, Black Swan.