so what the fuck is the point of tumblr having spotify if i cant even play the songs because i havent paid for spotify? i thought that shit was free for this website. smh

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how gmail is hampering the music industry more than steve jobs

Gmail, dude, we have a strong relationship, and i love you, but you can’t put all the email with “promo” in the subject line in spam just because sometimes wannabe cialis peddlers also use that formula.

This way i’ll never get all the beautiful music that forward thinking labels are sharing with me, and i’ll have nothing cool to play in my show, plus those promoters will get offended, thinking i’m some arrogant kanye west style douche that doesn’t even open promo emails on his shiny macbook air for fear of viruses (virii) or something.

The Kanye West musical knowledge test.

We’re right in the middle of the Kanye West album controversy, which is sparking all kinds of bullshit discussions, mostly like “Is Kanye West the best musical artist alive today or is everybody believing the hype?”

Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but in order to have a constructive discussion with people, you first have to ascertain if they know their shit or they’re just repeating what they think they read on pitchfork or something.

In order to do that, just wade into the discussion and toss in the most backpacking, playahater’s ball-worthy comment you can think of, which, in this case, reads exactly like that:

"Fuck that wack shit, I stopped listening to Kanye when he started rapping.”

Now two things can happen out of this.

1) You gain respect and og backpack status credibility, and they offer a timid, well explained, respectful rebuttal. This is good. Feel free to open up slightly on your extremist position, like you liked the college dropout or somethinhg and you’ll have both won and closed the thread.

2) People ignore you, shake their head, look at you like you’re stupid, like such a thing you described isn’t even a possibility. Now these are douches that don’t know their shit, and there’s no point even arguing with them. They’re not only ignorant about Kanye’s career, they lack even the most basic knowledge of the game. Ignore and move on.

I would agree with people more

If they knew their shit.

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E (via gudbuytjane)

Yeah, hope i don’t catch flak for this, but by god if this is not the most pure, unaltered, absolute truth.