I feel like i have to explain this for my followers to get the epic awesomeness of what transpires. This is like, matchpoint, game on the line situation. Krone lands a series of attacks leading into his character’s Ultra combo, and then lets go of the joystick, stands up and starts celebrating.

He thinks the game is over, the animation of viper flame kicking the fat guy into oblivion is going to play to the end automatically and his opponent his stuck there taking it. It’s basically like a basketball player standing there, arm raised and wrist cocked, just knowing the ball is about to go in and he’s won the game.

Except it doesn’t happen. The combo doesn’t do enough damage to finish the fat guy off and Ricky Ortiz comes back brilliantly to take the round, the game and the match.

And then stands up himself and goes “What are you standing up for?”

Amazing. Ricky Ortiz is my favorite person ever.

(via fyeahfightinggames)