The Deer God is a breathtaking 3d pixel art game that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills.”

You play as a stag, it has pretty music and everything is so so pretty.
This game is beautiful and you should pledge on its kickstarter- it has only a month remaining!

Correction - 7 Days. 5k from goal.

$3,500 to go in a week!

(via undergroundpixel)


Wow!  The Paradise Lost:First Contact folks made a really nice update post today including a shout-out to Dino Run 2 with this custom PL:FC style Triceratops image (on top), along with images for other great Kickstarter video game projects worth checking out and backing!


Here we show you more cross-promo arts for other fantastic projects now on Kickstarter.

In order: Dino Run 2, Interstellaria, Bloom:Memories and Stasis. Go check them out!

Also keep supporting us, lot of goals to defeat!

Man I don’t know why but I love the doge.


Bubble Bobble Inspired Afghan

This Bubble Bobble inspired afghan measures at roughly 6’ 1” wide and 6’ long, it’s been crocheted with love and acrylic yarn. Check out the full gallery here

Created by Ana Petree Garcia | Shop


Forgotten Gems: City Connection (NES, 1985)

"Your mission: Race your speed demon car from New York to Tokyo in record time. With the cops and the enemy on your tail. They ambush you at every turn, pushing you off the road, leaping into your path. You outsmart them, firing an arsenal of oil cans you’ve collected in the road, knocking them out and racking up more points. Cover every stretch of the highway in order to hit the next city. You can make it. Or can you?"

this was my jam