Rustie - All Nite (taken from Glass Swords - out October 10th/11th) (by RustieG41)

Rustie’s Glass Swords is

Literally my most anticipated record of all time.

I can’t remember being so hype for a record in ages, maybe since discovery, but that was what, 10 years ago right?

Everything that has surfaced so far has been absolutely flawless and up my alley, a perfect saccharine fueled sidescrolling nintendo videogame soundtrack gem with a healthy dose of funk added in for good measure.

Last year’s ep was better than Hud Mo’s highly anticipated whole album (yeah, i said it) and while warp seems to believe less in Rustie than in the aforementioned Hud Mo it’s still fucking Warp, that must still mean something right?

October 10th can’t come soon eoungh.