"man, this shoot has the best props ever. Look what i found!


Duuuude, I’m totally hosting the Oscars with Oprah right now!


James Franco confuses me. I’m not sure if I want to be him (not look like him), be his lover (not that I’m physically into him), be his friend, or just sit and observe him.


But You’re Like Really Hosting The Oscars, Anne and James?


But You’re Like Really Hosting The Oscars, Anne and James?


127 Hours is a critic proof film. No one wants to be the guy that says Aron Ralston’s triumphant survival story is a wee bit over stylized and that Danny Boyle needs tone it down because he’s quickly become the Tony Scott of drama Oscar bait films, but it’s kind of true. James Franco is great and deserves a nomination for his work, but at times, Boyle’s flashy style just gets in the way of a great performance. Yet, at the same time, how do you visualize Ralston’s visions and his extreme/active lifestyle? It’s a double edge sword….the audience needs the wacky style and it needs Franco’s great performance. It’s a critic proof film: you can’t have one without the other. It’s a frustratingly good film.

There are the painful scenes where Franco screams in agony which are extremely well done and the reason why people go to the movies, but then there are the zippy, over stylized flourishes and trips to the Scooby Doo party.


Seriously, from the Franco, you kinda expect it. But Natalie Portman, not a good showing. And Abigail Breslin, what the fuck? What the fuck happened to you?

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The only thing really worth talking about RE: Date Night were James Franco and Mila Kunis’s characters.

“But you just had to go and start stealing everything…”

Worthy of a spin-off, imho.

When the news broke that James Franco got this part i was like man, hmmm, dunno about this, and i’m all about the franco, you know, but still i doubted, didn’t have enough faith, then i watched the trailer and bam, i can see it, i mean, now i can totally see it.