Illustration by Kiyohiko Azuma

The Sony TR-1825 radio, aka japan did some great industrial design too. (via ISO50 Blog)

Before founding the company, Kato ran a nightclub. Osanai, a Tokyo University graduate and noted accordionist, regularly performed at Kato’s club accompanied by a Wurlitzer Sideman rhythm machine. Unsatisfied with the rhythm machine, Osanai convinced Kato to finance his efforts to build a better one…” And indeed they did.

Sad news. Of all the musical gear i owned or used through the years i have a particular fondness for Korg, because in my experience they’re always the easiest to operate and the most fun to play. And just like the roland machines of the 80s i think korg’s recent line of budget products helped a lot of kids of my generation get started in this thing. The micro was the first synth for many of us, the kaoss pad the first touch surface controller, the electribes the first steps in live remixing and performance.


via nikki-meow A tired but determined-looking cat struggles to survive in Japan. -A.P.

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As of today, all proceeds (100%) made from purchases of the Finest Ego Japanese Beatmaker Compilation will be send towards a relief organization helping to deal with the current crisis in Japan!

/ This is great music, made by young japanese artists, and all the proceeds now go to charity. it’s the closest thing to a real win/win ever devised by man.

Akira Toriyama with a message to japan on shonenjump. I’m told it reads something like i know it’s hard right now, but keep fighting.