What is happening to me

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I expected to, but did not hate the night circus by erin morgenstern. the namesake guys! Tho not really. This blog predates me actually knowing who she was. Back to the book, not hate it. It’s great even, the ending is kind of a cop out but whatevz. I’ve been mercilessly teasing my girlfriend that she’s not a reveur and she’ll never get it. Kind of how everybody used to make those muggle jokes right? dunno, sort of, but i’m the only one doing it this time i guess. Shouldn’t they do a movie of this? I’ll take this instead of that twilight ripoff for which people (teenage girls actually) continue to try to harass me into giving up this tumblr’s url.

I read a book called god’s war by one Kameron Hurley, and thought, wow, this is really high concept high fantasy sci fi, and with real women characters and sort of a matriarchal society? Whoa I thought. Then i found out Kameron Hurley is a woman, dude, it’s just the name, you know, well i never, i’m sorry i’m foreign, but where i come from you can usually tell from a name. Not that it’s a bad thing per se, it’s just, you know, a lot easier to make an ass of myself when i’m wrong, well… nevermind all this stuff, but, weird but brilliant all right? the book i mean. weird but an easy easy read, lots of action, gore and … bugs? slimey stuff? sort of a dune, old star wars all gone to shit decayed sci fi vibe.

Oblivion. Is this the year sci fi makes a comeback? Well I’m all for it. fuck fantasy man, fuck elves and swords and… horses, whatever it is that you guys do. bring on the future. it’s from the director of Tron Legacy i think, I dunno, saw a bit of that on tv and thought it looked… stupid. Tron i mean, so, well, hopes and dreams right? 

Still, back to the books. My kindle was named Momochi at inception, but I think now Jezebel sounds more like it right? 

What is happening to me?

there’s many pros to owning a kindle, i’ve been telling everybody since i got one, but perhaps the most lovely one is that even if you live in the outskirts of the empire you can snap up the book you’ve been eagerly anticipating (for years, no less) the very same day it hits the shelves.

that’s progress, my dudes.

How a Kindle cured the flu.

I finally managed to solve the international geo-political publishing rights amazon account crisis and bought and downloaded the latest Nick Harkaway (i retumblrd that shit a couple of posts ago, don’t be lazy) and am now retreating back in bed with the flu and calling it a day at 3 o clock in the afternoon.

Yes, on a friday.

I’m seriously thinking about opening

a tumblr called Pictures of my Kindle.

Fuck it, i’m doing it.

Thanks to the internet and some shady websites i’ve recently acquired a number of questionable literary masterpieces that is safe to say i’d probably never be brave enough to buy in an actual store, but now when i look at my kindle homescreen i can’t help but chuckle a bit and think oh god, franzen must be spinning in his grave right now.


poobah answered your question: Ask the internet: Ereaders

Sorry. Cheap shit is chaep shit. When you buy tools you buy the best. It makes life easier. iPad or nothing. Just saying.


Ok guy with all the money! Thanks for coming out and offering nothing but a bullshit,…

let me tell you a little story about this bullshit. last week i was on the train happily reading franzen on my kindle when i spot a hipster girl three seats down hunched over some sort of half closed black book with a douchey silver apple logo on it, literally doubled over in her seat, squinting through a small opening at whatever it was inside that cover.

A sorry sight, let me tell you. It turns out she was desperately trying to watch something on her ipad but couldn’t because of a serious case of sun glare coming in from the fucking train windows, on a shitty cloudy day in fucking february.

LCD screens are definitely worse than books for reading, whereas e-ink is pretty much the same as good old paper


Merry Xmas, Tumblr people.

fuck yeah i got a kindle for christmas too!



Merry Xmas, Tumblr people.

fuck yeah i got a kindle for christmas too!

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I got a Kindle 3 for Instapaper testing. Impressions so far:

It is noticeably smaller and lighter than the Kindle 2, but it’s still the same size class. (The screen’s the same size, and it still has a keyboard, so there’s only so far they can go.) Most people who pick up a naked Kindle 3 for the…