About the WU

Revisionist history, i read the other day on facebook (i mean where else do people go to let the world know they’re stupid right?) that some guy did not care for the RZA at all, and that they’re fave wu was Meth & ODB by far.

This kind of rubs me the wrong way. Of course everybody’s entitled to their own opinions, but dismissing RZA like that is cold, he’s made great great stuff, and i guess he’s basically put the whole thing together so at the very least he deserves respect for that.

Secondly, i feel Meth & ODB is kind of a lazy choice, don’t get me wrong i love them, sure U-God and inspectah deck never really held that spotlight too much, and GZA’s glory days may be too far back for you to remember but you can’t seriously deny Ghostface and Rae.

They wrote some groundbreaking, milestone stuff. I guess you can really click with people when talking about who’s your favorite wu a lot more than who’s your favorite beatle right? So i cast my vote for Rae and Ghostface, without fear.


BNO News

Clifford Smith, better known as rapper “Method Man,” was arrested on tax evasion charges on Monday morning, officials said.

Smith surrendered himself to the NYPD Detective Squad of the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office this morning, District Attorney Danield Donovan, Jr. and New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Acting Commissioner Jamie Woodward announced.

Dude should have gone with Wu Tang Financial.