Beats. It’s a strange word for a kind of music. First of all, it’s so deeply unspecific, like calling rock ‘chords’—but that’s the modest way people tend to like underground musical nomenclature these days. Oh, these are just some beats. The term hints at hip-hop, but really covers any electronic music with a repetitive percussive element. And ultimately, the open-endedness of the term is a great thing. It can mean so much and it can hardly be wrong. But look closer, and the chameleonic nature of beats shows itself, adapting to the colors of the times, techniques and sound-palettes coalescing and maybe, even without a rap or MC track, even without a scene or a network, saying something specific.


Forget “Fancy:” 10 underdog summer jams to have on repeat at the beach this weekend.


Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD - SIX DEGREES feat. Danny Brown

i honestly still think i’m dreaming

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I think Little Dragon has had some of the best cover art this year.

“It often amazes me how often I step into a studio/room/kitchen/garden room with a fellow songwriter on an uninspired morning and leave after dark with something – albeit not always the great song we hoped for – but a song, we write a song.
The only advice I have ever been foolish enough to give to a young songwriter is…finish the song.”
— Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue

[BEAT/LOOP] *** SNK∆ - Looperies#2 *** [MUSIC]



Some uncommon beats from Parisian beatmaker SNK∆. Always looking for new sounds through scabrous and lame beats coated of classic and unknown samples. Grab ” Looperies#2 ” and discover SNK∆.


+WudHills hard at work on HUEN001