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A look back to Natalie Portman in the 90s

As Lauren Gustafson in Michael Mann’s Heat

A look back to Natalie Portman in the 90s.

Natalie and Timothy Hutton

A look back to Natalie Portman in the 90s.

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olympialetan: My two favourite actresses, Clémence Poésy and Natalie Portman on Vogue.com.cn with their Olympia Le-Tan clutches.

yeah, this reminds me, get that french chick in more movies guys, please.

Seriously, from the Franco, you kinda expect it. But Natalie Portman, not a good showing. And Abigail Breslin, what the fuck? What the fuck happened to you?

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oh hi james frain! I forgot i knew you. Here you were, a couple of years ago, sweetly romancing the natalie portman, things were looking up.

But now you’re just another throwaway vampire in true blood, and you don’t look all right.

Tough break dude, but you only get one shot at the portman, it’s like she kills co stars, go ask zach braff.

holy shit Natalie Portman to guest star in True Blood season 3!

Yeah right, sorry no, like the portman would ever do tv. yeah it’s hbo, but still, you know, it’s not like she’s got her big break on grey’s anatomy dude.