Dude, get hype. Replacing True Blood was gonna be a problem for them, look what they just pulled out of their asses. This is gonna be really good. I said, get hype.

Statuesque - a short movie directed by Neil Gaiman, starring Bill Nighy and Amanda Palmer.

Amanda Palmer - Globes After Party - Arrivals - LIFE

Caption to this picture reads: Musician Amanda Palmer (L) and guest arrive at NBC, Universal Pictures And Focus Features Golden Globes After Party.

Her plus one is, of course, author and globe nominee screenwriter Neil Gaiman, so it’s probably fair to say it should have been credited the other way around.


The Graveyard Book is far spookier than anything that came from the mind of Kipling or Travers, as you would expect from the writer who came up with the equally creepy children’s bestseller Coraline. As with Coraline, and any good “crossover writer” who engages both adults and children, Gaiman’s skill in The Graveyard Book is to imply a lot with a little. He doesn’t spell out the horror but lays the clues and leaves the rest to the shadows of the reader’s imagination.

Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book buried under awards

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Amanda Palmer posing in front of the ‘how to draw hello kitty wall’ - pic taken by Neilhimself

“1. Neil Gaiman once wrote a Nebula-winning story using only the middle row of his keyboard.
2. Harper Collins has taken out a 2.5 million dollar insurance policy on Neil Gaiman’s accent.
3. If you write 1000 words and Neil Gaiman writes 1000 words, Neil Gaiman has written more than you.
4. Neil Gaiman does not use Microsoft’s grammar-check. Microsoft uses a Gaiman-check.
5. Neil Gaiman once did the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen. In fifteen minutes. He won two Hugo awards for it.
6. Neil Gaiman is who the Ghostbusters call.
7. Most agents charge a 15% commission. Neil Gaiman’s agent pays him an extra 15% for the privilege of saying “I’m Neil Gaiman’s agent.”
8. William Shakespeare once came back from the dead to ask for Neil Gaiman’s autograph.
9. Neil Gaiman is the reason nobody teaches “I before E except after C” anymore.
10. Some writers take inspiration from the muse. The muse takes inspiration from Neil Gaiman.
11. Neil Gaiman once groped Harlan Ellison.
12. The pen is mightier than the sword; Neil Gaiman has mastered fourteen different styles of penmanship.
13. Rumor has it that a NY editor rejected Neil Gaiman’s first book. This can not be confirmed, as the editor in question was never heard from again.
14. Neil Gaiman can tweet 175 characters.
15. Neil Gaiman’s personal library includes an autographed copy of the Necronomicon.
16. Hitler actually won World War II. Then Neil Gaiman wrote an alternate-history story in which the allies won, and reality was too intimidated to argue the point.
17. Some authors write in omniscient point of view. Neil Gaiman lives it.
18. Neil Gaiman’s next novel is expected to win the Nebula, the Hugo, and the Heisman Trophy.
19. In any given week, 7 of the top 10 books on the NYT Bestseller List are by pseudonyms of Neil Gaiman.
20. Neil Gaiman has never written a deus ex machina ending. However, God once wrote a Gaiman ex machina ending.”
“I learned from Wikipedia that Sandman:The Dream Hunters was actually based on Pu Songling’s Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio, which I thought I ought to read. Will report back.”