Holy shit, the Chtaeh

According to my kindle, i’m exactly 74% done reading The Wise Man’s Fear, and knowing the hardback clocks in at exactly 1008 pages it means i’ve just read roughly 750 pages of this since last week so yeah, i realize nobody is going to believe me if i come out and say it’s pretty boring stuff, but somehow i really felt that way, or at least i did until last night.

Let’s come completely clear about it, a couple years ago i picked up The Name of The Wind and immediately thought it to be, by far, the best fantasy novel i ever read. Now i’m not an authority on this, having read like a dozen books in the genre at best, but still, for me, nothing even comes close, so when the second book came out you know i gotta gobble up that shit anyway, but yeah i have to admit it’s not been the easiest trawl.

My main beef is not the slower pace or the supposed lack of action, i’m fine with this, my problem is that the wise man’s fear just starts where the last chapter ended dropping abruptly back in the thick of things and i had a hard time remembering characters, places and shit from two years ago.

Plus i think it just doesn’t work, at times it feels just like Rothfuss is rehashing stuff, maybe it’s a case of It’s the same now it sucks from me but honestly yeah, this doesn’t feel as awesomely put together as the other book did.

But, ast they say, stick with it because it gets better, about halfway in it starts breaking a lot of new ground and then you get to the Cthaeh, which, seriously, is like holy shit, this is brilliant storytelling, this is fucking epic, and not in the scott pilgrim, alt bro meaning of the word, but literally epic.

Not to spoil anything, of course, but this Chtaeh thingie deals in oracling and predicting the future, opening up a mindfuck spiral of thoughts about precognition, knowing your future, reacting accordingly, feeling empowered but also enslaved by the knowledge, multiverses and all that.

This is a theme that has been misteriously recurring very often in the entertainment i consumed recently, starting with that awful, godforsaken wasteland of time and neurons that has been flashforward and ending with that old chris walken movie that creeped the fuck out of me last week.

I cannot honestly suggest you pick Rothfuss and slog through 1000+ pages to get to these couple of chapters, but if you feel like exploring this particular subject i suggest picking up "Radio Free Albemuth" by Philip Dick instead