So i’ve been busy making knife throwing / stabbing / throat slitting sounds and all sorts of other noises for Aesop Rock’s ZZZ Top video, directed by Pete Lee and starring kung fu legend Patti Li, and so far the reception has been outstanding. Everybody seems to love it, even Pitchfork, fuck their obnoxious blessed souls.

But still, you don’t even know how great it’s been working on this with Pete, Aesop Rock and the people at Rhymesayers entertainment, so happy and proud.

Hiroshi Adachi and Eric Jacobus go head to head in this Wheels on Meals-inspired fight scene from The Stunt People.

directed by Eric Jacobus and Pete Lee

I recently had the pleasure of working with the stunt people on this short movie. I did sound design and foley, and i’m pretty happy about the results, considering there’s barely any music to cover up for sloppiness. But besides what i had to do with it you should check it out anyways, because the stunt people not only are very nice people, they’re also extremely passionate and dedicated about their craft.

They know their shit, as they say, and their shit actually is doing kick ass action. No seriously, take it from somebody who spent the better part of a week going frame by frame through this sequence: there’s some crazy athletic feats in this thing.