James Franco cast in Treme season 2!

Booya bitches, not true, obviously, but would totally be the best thing ever.


The Nightingales - “Just A Little Overcome” (1971) Fine, oscure soul music on last episode of “Treme”!

““Originally a gospel group, the Dixie Nightingales, who worked steadily, weekend in weekend out, throughout the fifties (and recorded for Pepper and Nashboro Records), signed to Stax’s new subsidiary gospel label Chalice. In ’67 they had become Ollie & The Nightingales (featuring the lead voice of Ollie Hoskins) and turned their scorching, testifying style to non-religious material. The group had hits (“I Got A Sure Thing” 1968, and “I’ve Got A Feeling” 1969) before Ollie left to record solo (first with Stax, later for the MGM distributed Pride label) and the Nightingales turned in “Just A Little Overcome” an undiscovered flipside classic released in May ’71. Listen hard, it’ll move any soul”. Indeed. (from here)

my only quibble with Treme so far is i can’t believe how washed up Steve Zahn is. And to think he used to be up and coming. this makes me feel old.