french tumblrs

i’ve always thougth that deep down the french are way better than us at all the more important things in life.

at least for me.

but somehow i had never happened across french tumblrs you know?

now i finally have. bonjour

fucked up tumblr blogs

There’s a quick way to find out fucked up tumblr blogs that’ll make you squirm, cringe but also weirdly feel a bit better about yourself.

you start by having a improbably popular post on tumblr. i recently had that audio cassette gif go in the thousands, weird i know.

it must be pretty much universally appealing, so people will reblog it en masse.

then you just sit back and read your notifications. you’ll see some likes along with the reblogs.

now, pay attention, most of these are fine, but some are not.

you see, they like your post, but can’t reblog it. why can’t you reblog a cute gif of a cat or an audio tape or some fab interior design?

Because it doesn’t fit the theme or the niche of your own blog that’s why. And because said niche is about some really fucked up shit bro.

Yeah bro, i’m talking to you my man. You don’t need a whole blog of photosets of women pissing in public. you really don’t need a thousand pages of that.

what the fuck dude.

what the fuck.


so what the fuck is the point of tumblr having spotify if i cant even play the songs because i havent paid for spotify? i thought that shit was free for this website. smh

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blue tags

are for losers.

Tumblr pls!

People need to stop posting Haim stuff in the wire tag, I mean, no disrespect, love me some Haims, but isn’t the #Haim tag where it belongs? 

Come on.



people need to get real problems in their life.



people need to get real problems in their life.