Yo New Girl

New Girl is kinda racist or what? yeah i just went there.

At first, everybody was weird. They constantly kept harping on Nick because he was a drunk and a loser. In a funny way, but you know, also depressing.

Jess was also bad at everything she attempted.

But now they’re together, and they’re amazing at life whenever.

So it’s up to Winston and Schmidt to provide the laughs. Also conveniently the black guy and the jew

Then even Schmidt gets all his real feels subplots so it’s only up to Winston to provide the slapstick. Seriously? That is one of the more offensive tokens ever. Winston is depressed, massively unhappy and basically has no friends. This is even hinted in some scenes and episodes, but you know, still in a funny way. They’re not even showing him work anymore, and he had the most interesting workplace and career of the whole cast.

Winston needs to break through the cage, move the fuck out of that hipster jail.

I know it ain’t the wire, but it’s still seriously messed up.

It’s not that I hate everything.

I just don’t really… insanely love most things? Like some things are really cool, some are indeed awesome, most are just aiight I guess.

Like Mad Men, latest episode, tell me again how anything about that shit is genius. I really wanna know. I just don’t see it. 

It’s good, I get that. I’m totally entertained. It’s better than Castle, i also get that. Of course. Of course.

But maybe… you know, it’s kinda the same thing? In the sense that both are a way to spend an hour every week relaxing on the couch? 

I mean, the moment it’s off, I don’t really care one bit about it, either way. Is that so awful? Not obsessing over a tv show all week?

Who in their right mind has time to write, or even read those fucking weekly recaps? And what good do they do?


 “Blah blah, vampire emergency. Blah.”

Fangtasia, True Blood (2008) | Mallory Backmann

This is important, and competently written, because it offers not only a rant but a clear cut, easy, real world solution to the problem.

Bethlehem Shoals, a basketball obsessive, explains why he watched the Oscars instead of last night’s Knicks-Heat matchup.


People, watch CARLOS tonight! And tomorrow and Wednesday.

i’m often vocal about disliking serial tv, but this is the kind of thing i can get behind without a problem.


Launch promo for the 5th season of ICONOCLASTS.  This year’s line-up:

Charlize Theron + Jane Goodall
Lenny Kravitz + Lee Daniels
Hugh Jackman + Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Cate Blanchett + Tim Flannery
Ron Howard + Steve Nash
David Blaine + Chuck Close

Premieres October 2 @ 8p.

Man i wanna see Ron Howard + Steve Nash, and also Lee Daniels and Lenny Kravitz. But Hugh Jackman and that other dude seems totally random.



Damn you, Emmys.

Boris 3 - il monologo dello sceneggiatore Aprea - “La Locura”

Mai sentito la televisione definirsi così bene in due minuti di onestà. Le serie tv sono tutte uguali, tra loro e rispetto a quelle che c’erano prima, solo che ora, sopra le solite vecchie palle di una volta, hanno una spruzzata di futuro, di nuovo, una vaga mano di vernice. Che quest’anno è esattamente, per ripetere le immortali parole di Aprea,

'…con una strana, colorata, luccicante frociaggine, smaliziata e allegra come una cazzo di lambada'