ARTST TLK: Pharrell Williams Chats with Spike Lee

Grab a sandwich and a tall drink. This is a phenomenal interview.

The edits are maddening… but watch and be educated.

Fox Retro from PUNGA on Vimeo.


Fox Retro Ad

Commercial for Fox TV in Italy promoting classic TV shows. 

Created by Punga

Youtube buffering / streaming sites

Why can’t one pause the video when it gets stuck buffering / reloading? Isn’t it like the easiest thing to add to it? Because right now it’s annoying as hell. I mean it stops, but you can’t make it, then you have to sit there waiting for it to suddenly restart to pause and let it download enough to resume.


No need for any more Harlem Shake videos, guys. This one wins. Let’s go out on top.

(via jhermann)

LYNX ANARCHY: The World’s First Invisible Ad (by LynxEffectAustralia)

this is pretty cool… suck it draper!


Aloe Blacc “Tonight Downtown” Official Video

Really happy with how this one turned out.  We hope you enjoy!