Wolverine by Todd McFarlane
Spider-Man #12 (July 1991)

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the wolverine movie was a mess. But, I mean, this is not all that surprising, like a lot of these movies are. I don’t know who is to blame here, but it sometimes seems like they write down some stuff in a piece of paper, in this case wolverine, japan, the atom bomb, ninjas, dreaming of famke jansen and then try to make a story out of it, like some half assed creative writing exercise.

But beyond that, this thing is also very incredibly offensive to japanese people. It’s all cliches and bad accents and magical asians everywhere, it’s so bad, also considering it’s made by americans and gratuitously throws the nagasaki bombing in the mix.

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oh yeah.
“Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, looking bafflingly the same as he does in later life -”

X-Men: First Class - review

aka editors at The Guardian can’t be fucking bothered doing a five seconds wikipedia check on subject they’re blabbing about.

Note: The offending bit is now removed (along with all the nerd smartass comments) citing a ‘potential spoiler’ , yeah right.



I Think we all know the real reason behind this.

Hugh Jackman makes a perfect white wolverine, but his black wolverine is not quite there, unfortunately.

This is both absurd and entirely true.

Jackman has always been woefully miscast as Wolverine, so much so that it…

brilliantly expanding on my off hand joke. go read it.

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Aronofsky drops out of Wolverine

I Think we all know the real reason behind this.

Hugh Jackman makes a perfect white wolverine, but his black wolverine is not quite there, unfortunately.

2010 movie log #28 - X-Men origins: Wolverine (2009, dir. Gavin Hood)

This is not nearly as good as the trailer. Not even close. Ok it’s quite bad i guess. So i will just make a long digression on why a wolverine movie was a bad idea instead.

You see, comic books don’t necessarily make the best source material. I know, shocking right? But it is. Take Wolverine for example. He’s a mutant beast man with feral instincts, an extensive background in all fighting things, super military enhanced metal bones and claws. He’s a ruthless killer, with a bad attitude to boot. He’s uncouth, unreliable, untrustworthy like a wild animal. Yeah, and he’s also immortal. And, i suppose, has kind of a good heart deep underneath the fur and his thick hide and the stainless bones.

This is two things. On one hand, so badass right? On the other, totally unreconciliable as a backstory to a character. No really, think about it, it’s a challenge to even come up with something remotely plausible. Nobody grows up to be both a hero and a savage killing machine. It’s not really a walking a fine line situation, it’s more like a big fucking chasm across the entire spectre of humanity there. You know, take all the people, normal curve of distribution graphic? On one hand, world saving, do gooder heroes. On the other, guys who murder with their own two fucking hands.

So, try as you might, you’ll never convince me such a man exists. And the more you push these two extremes together the lamer this character becomes: Wolverine’s wild side is seriously tamed down, and yet his actions as a good guy are morally questionable, bordering on the illogical